Making the Right Choice- Wired Axis M1011 or Wireless Varieties?

IP network cameras are used for security and surveillance of different locations and venues. These cameras are available as wired and wireless. Both wired and wireless IP cameras are small and compact in size but the wireless variety has an upper edge over the wired one. There are additional features included such as https encryption for higher level of security. Additional forms of security such as IPv6 are also incorporated in the features.The wireless variety of network camera such as Axis M1031-W and are most convenient for use as there is no need for any wires or unnecessary drilling of holes on the walls to accommodate the wires. Once the IP address is added to the wireless camera, it facilitates viewing of the premises that you want to monitor even while located at some remote place. Procedure for installation of such wireless cameras as Axis M1011-W and Axis M1031-W is simple and can be done by reading the instructions provided in the manual. Other highlights of wireless Axis M1011-W are the H.264 compression that facilitates optimal use of bandwidth thus saving up on memory space. Since these cameras are in great demand, it is possible to purchase these from any country worldwide. The online market has also opened up retailer and dealer websites for the sale of Axis network cameras.