A Step Ahead in Features – Axis M1031-W

Small in size but big in functionality seems to be an apt phrase when one refers to the Axis M1011-W network camera. Launched as a successor to the Axis M1011, this compact type of IP network camera encompasses multiple video screens that can be configured individually. With increase in crime-related incidents, the security of small business or a home is of great concern. The Axis M1011 IP surveillance camera is capable of superior performance in its compression ability. Having its independent IP address and built-in web server, the camera when connected to the USP port of a computer allows you to view the recording even at remote locations. The feeling one gets is as though one is present in both the locations. Being small in size with the weight is just 94 grams i.e. 0.207 lbs. A great feature with this camera is that its H.264 compression feature, it offers good video quality and more storage capacity along with reduced bandwidth. With a provision to avail the camera as a bundled package comprising multiple cameras, the pricing also get reduced accordingly. Another interesting model of network camera is the Axis M1031-W. It is a wireless type of network camera that works even when there is no light.